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Nicola demonstrated our Aquatic Therapy Hammock/Sea Hammock during "The Back Show" at London Olympia in October 2007.  The Pool is a miniature IASO above ground pool insulated on the outside walls with our inflatable transparent pvc panels. The hammock is ideal for relaxing, sun bathing and gently exercising in warm water.

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use-it-more.com  above ground swimming pool insulation specialist, manufacturer of the Aquatic Therapy Hammock and the Sea-Hammock, retailers of up-grade equipment for above ground pools e.g. Badu Jet counter-current machines and Elecro heat pumps, Retailers and upgraders of Doughboy pools to swim spas. Scoprega stockists.

All enquiries and comments welcome. Please contact chris.brindle@use-it-more.com  01206 242020  Last update 3rd April 2009 Prices have increased considerably since 2008 as a result of the depreciation of the pound. Some may improve in 2009 with movements in exchange rates. We do discount prices, we will try to beat prices elsewhere. We accept credit and debit cards.


Two Models:

Plastic Frame  push fit sections        portable 5kg

Aluminium Frame Clip-Together Tubes Portable 3.3kg

Both Come in Carry Bags

The ultimate in relaxation and gentle exercise in warm water.

Shelter from the wind or fierce heat of the beach.


Stainless Steel Frames also available for commercial hydrotherapy installations.

125 inc vat, 95 to Backcare members if ordered direct +10 p&p UK Mainland


PATENT GB2422102 + PCT


















These panels originally made in polyurethane (left hand picture), are now available in transparent pvc (centre picture).  They are 1.33m high, have 0.28m wide non-inflating tabs on each side, and depending on the degree of inflation will fill panels between 0.94m and 1.04m in width. These particular dimensions suit Doughboy Premier and Regent pools, but the idea can be adapted for many other makes and models of above ground pool with the tabs being cut to suit, and passed behind the support legs or clipped Over or Behind the support legs. With plastic walled pools the bottom of the panel passes slightly under the pool and is retained by the weight of water (right hand picture). The range will be expanded when negotiations are concluded with a partner in the USA.  25 RRP each (19.50 if bought direct)






"High-E Inflatable Insulation Panels











Gain-N-Keep Insulation Rolls






25m x 1.2m  (48 inch wide) plus  40mm  selvedge   60 inc vat   

25m x 1.33m (52 inch wide) plus  60mm selvedge    60 inc vat

Lets sun through to wall, reduces conduction and convection.

25mm wide 10mm deep bubble, u.v. protected, highly effective

Courier is 12 inc vat *.  May be collected from Colchester.  Ask about despatch alternatives.







Transparent Pool Bubble Insulation

material is 400 microns thick, is u.v. protected 9.8mm wide 3.9mm deep bubble

900mm wide (for splasher pools)  2.90 per metre run inc. vat

2m wide 5.90 per metre run inc. vat

Courier 6 inc vat *.

Grey Foam Insulation








14mm thick closed-cell polyethylene foam 1.4m wide

10m long roll    75 inc. vat   Courier 12 inc vat*.

15m long roll    100 inc. vat Courier 12 inc vat*.

Insulation Clips for Steel Walled Above-Ground Pools with Legs

Clip-Over Insulation Clips

Fit Doughboy rectangular straight legs of 3" x 3" section (see photos above) (For other pools to special order)

Tabs of the clips can also hold panels of foam in place

(do not fit the tapered buttress legs on oval pools,

for tapered buttress legs use the Clip-Behind pattern below)

Each leg requires 3 clips

Made from Stainless Steel. Patent GB2425146 + PCT

Clips 2.50 each RRP inc. vat (1.95 if bought direct)

Clip-Behind Insulation Clips

These clips fit in the gap between the pool leg and the pool wall.

They are made in stainless steel with a smooth finish.

They stay in place because of spring pressure and friction.

They will retain any of the 3 types of insulation materials above.

They fit behind both hollow and solid, sheet metal and plastic legs.

Four clips are required each side of a pool leg to hold insulation

tightly against a pool wall. Patent GB2425147 + Europe,US,CAN

 Clips 1.25 each RRP inc. vat 0.95 each if bought direct


New "Universal" Clip-Behind Insulation Retaining Clip Attach Insulation to the outside of any steel walled above ground pool.



Not currently in production.



Patent GB2425135 + PCT.

Clip-Over, Clip-Behind, Aquatic Therapy Hammock, Sea-Hammock, and Pleasure Dome are all granted  British patents with world "PCT" protection

"Gain-N-Keep", "Pleasure-Dome", and "High-E", are registered Trade Marks

Imported Products

We import the following from Italy to blow up the inflatable tubes in Pleasure-Dome.

High Volume Medium Pressure Rapid Inflators (not like the silly slow cheap imports from the Far East)





Scoprega BST 12 Kite  125 inc. vat (Portable:- Big rechargeable battery power)











Scoprega 220/250 70 inc vat

       (Fast mains blower)








Scoprega Professional Pressure Gauge 37.50 inc.vat




In 2006 we exhibited at Piscine 2006 in Lyon France

see http://www.piscine-expo.com/2006/fiche-exposant/en/use-it-more-com,1,46679901.htm

and in Las Vegas 29th Nov to 1st Dec

Pool & Spa Expo 2006                  And in 2007 The Back Show




*Courier rates by Fastway Couriers,  Mainland U.K. excluding Scottish Highlands

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